Push Mobile Ecosystem

At Push Mobile, our mission is radical transparency, both in the journalism and in the development. When it comes to development, it's why we're open source and why we encourage anyone with the wherewithal to add new features to our app, fix bugs, or add new platforms.

But we also want help news organizations to promote radical transparency in the governments and communities they cover. This is why the Push Mobile ecosystem is designed to help news organizations facing censorship around the globe.

When set up properly, even if your CMS or website is blocked your apps built with Push will continue to work. The Push Backend runs separately and independently from your own software. This was originally done solely to cut down on the data your users have to download but has a nice side effect of rerouting all connections as well.

As a secondary safeguard, Push iOS apps have the TOR Project built in by default. This lets the apps seamlessly circumvent stronger and more sophisticated blocking techniques without the users having to have any additional technical abilities. Of course this can be turned off in areas where something like this may expose your useruspicion or scrutiny.